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Team Working in Glass Partitioned Office


New Economy Ventures is based in Taiwan, and focuses on business with high cross border potentials. We invest in companies led by data driven innovations, primarily from AI, big data, and blockchain fields. Our value-added lies in our experience, deep networks, industry insights, and superior track record.

New Economy in Taiwan

We connect the Taiwan teams with global opportunities to drive tremendous growth

 New Economy in Taiwan | New Economy Ventures
Business Model
  • Data and Tech-Driven Businesses
  • To B Business

Team – Starting from Taiwan
  • Low Operational Cost
  • Inclusive Culture makes Taiwanese market the best place to start overseas expansion in Asia

Business Expansion
  • Leverage Capital Premium from North-east Asia
  • Leverage Market Premium from ASEAN

High Growth & Return
  • Reproducible successes in Asia can help  achieve high growth
  • Clear exit plan (IPO in Japan or M&A by global players) can secure a high return

Areas We Focus

ToB Business opportunities empowered by Big Data, AI, Blockchain technologies

Big Data, AI, Blockchain technologies
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