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Over the past couple decades, we have seen strong growth in global economy driven by new technologies. Sadly, significantly due to limited market size, Taiwan has missed the internet/software opportunities for quite some time.


However, entrepreneurship, as one of the core value for Taiwanese, has been driving the society forward; and entrepreneurs have established a successful “Taiwan Model”.  Leveraging strong local technology and resources, startups have successfully built up exciting business with high cross border potentials.


New Economy Ventures was founded by experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and politicians by 2021.  We are thrilled to see the prosperity of young entrepreneurs and the change of industries in Taiwan, and excited to be part of the driving force.

Latest News

Circle to acquire crypto infrastructure startup Cybavo  Jun. 10, 2022

  • Circle has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Cybavo, a crypto infrastructure startup based in Singapore.

  • Cybavo is backed by Taiwan’s H&D Asset Management Company and New Economy Ventures.

NextDrive completed a nearly US$31m C round  fundraising  Dec. 28, 2021

  • NextDrive, a SaaS corporation for energy management, completed  C round fundraising for expanding energy business in Japan and Taiwan in the next three years.

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